Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Myself and Keiron Anderson composed my soundtrack using the music software Cubase and Ejay. On cubase we were able play the video alongside the music track so we could be sure that the two went together. For the diegetic dance track in the first half of the film, we used Ejay because it specialises in dance music, and had pre-recorded vocals that we were able to use. For the tenser parts of the film, on Cubase we were able to generate long, drawn out violin notes (a typical convention of horror soundtrack as it enhances tension), french horns (to add more depth and to create an eerie, sinister sound) and timpani drums to emphasise the dramatic moments. I think the track we composed adds well to the tension and atmosphere of the film.

After audience feedback, many people thought that the orchestral track was very complimentary to the film, adding to the atmosphere particularly well. Several people disliked the dance track at the starts, although they did tend to think that was due to personal taste. Once the levels had been changed to make it seem more diegetic, they were able to tell that it was meant to be coming from the stereo in the room and thought it was worth keeping in.

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