Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Final Narrative.

A boy of about 17/18 years old sits in school. He sits on his own, shyly sketching a picture of a girl. He hears the common room door opening and looks up. There is a mysterious, gothic girl walking through the door with her friend, Sophie, chatting away to her. She doesn't pay any attention to her friend and the pair walk up to sit by the stereo. The boy, Chris, becomes flustered as she gets closer, hiding the picture he has drawn, making it obvious that she is the subject. The girl grows tired of her friend and looks up at Chris. He tries to avoid her gaze as he is unsure how to respond. She gets up, leaving Sophie to talk to herself, and walks towards the door, signalling to Chris that he should follow. Chris looks confused, and thinks about following for a moment, then gets up and walks out the door after her. She leads him down a corridor and stops at the end, waiting for him to reach her. She tells him that she knows he's been watching her. Once he struggles for an answer she asks him if he loves her. He shyly nods, not wanting to say it out loud. She then asks if he'd die for her. He thinks it over but then says he would. She then tells him to meet her at the bridge that night, and leaves without getting a response. He remains where he is, confused but pleased.

That evening, the boy goes to meet the girl at the bridge, as she'd said. He's clearly nervous, unsure as to what to say or do. She's not there at first, and he starts to think that she isn't going to turn up. He turns to leave when he hears his name. He turns around to see the girl standing there, wearing all black. She looks at him, sizing him up, and then turns to walk away with no explanation. The boy follows her. They walk some way into the woods, and he sees firelight flickering from a clearing. He walks through the trees to see a gathering of about 10 people, around his age, all dressed in black. One of them is Sophie. A couple of them are cooking some meat on the fire. Chris approaches them, trying (and failing) to sound confident. He tries to strike up a conversation with one of them by asking what meat they're cooking as he doesn't recognize the smell. All the figures around the fire look up in synchronization and he discovers that they're all wearing masks. He turns to the girl for an explanation and she steps aside to reveal an arm on the ground, half obscured by the tree. He realizes what's going on a starts to run. The masked characters chase after him through the woods. He trips over a root and tries to struggle away. The cannibals catch up with him and start to rip him to pieces, obscuring the view so all we can hear are his screams. It ends the following day with a shot of his shoe lying next to a tree, as there is nothing else left of him.
Several parts of my original proposal have been changed due to filming restrictions or audience feedback. I think that this narrative allows a more dramatic atmosphere, particularly having the main female character saying minimal lines to make her seem more mysterious.

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