Thursday, 17 December 2009

Problems with filming (Corridor Scene)

When filming in the common room there was a lot of background noise which I wanted, but because I had to keep taking different shots the sound is inconsistent throughout the scene. To counter this I’ll have to take a long take of sound from in the sixth form centre and play it alongside the footage to keep continuity.
I had originally planned for the girls to sit at the farthest end of the common room from the boy but I realised that from the boy’s point of view he couldn’t see them, so I had to move them closer to him. This meant that I was able to add in the bit with him hiding his sketchbook, which my audience feedback proved was popular.
As the sixth form centre is a public space I had to make sure not to get anyone extra in the back that would affect my continuity. This was difficult, particularly when they leave the room, but luckily the people walking past the door were already extras in my film. Unfortunately one of them was the girl’s best friend Sophie, but in the shot in question she is wearing different clothes and has her face hidden so it shouldn’t matter too much.
Out in the corridor the main problem was sound quality. As I was pushed for time I was unable to use the boom mic, and the lines came out very quietly and greatly compromised by background sound (particularly troublesome was people closing doors or shouting to friends). This may require re-shooting or possibly over-dubbing some sound in the editing process.

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