Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Production Logo.

I wanted to keep my production logo quite simplistic but still interesting. This imagae shows a road marking pointing to the wall, implying the road goes nowhere. I like this image and think it looks very dramatic.
My production company name it Hegragabe Productions, the same as my A2 coursework. I got this title from my own name, as I have worked on my own both years.

For my production logo I wrote HEGRAGABE PRODUCTIONS in a sketchy typeface to suggest that it has been carved into the brick of the wall. I also placed these words in front of the arrow on the road so that the eye is drawn to these words.
I wanted the logo to be black and white for the most part, as this effect generally looks more dramatic. However, I did keep some of the blue from the sky coming through behind the wall just to add a bit more interest to the image.

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