Monday, 9 November 2009

The Software

For the A2 Coursework task I will be using the following software :-

Unlike the software that I used for my AS coursework, iMovie HD, I will be using Final Cut Express 4 to do the editing of my footage.This is an industry standard programme used in the production of films and television series alike. It is far more advanced than iMovie, and being able to master the skills required will allow me to produce a product of a much higher quality.

Final Cut Express comes with LiveType included, an animated title and motion graphics creation software. Using this will enhance my product and allow me to create a more professional piece. More information about these two programs can be found at

As I don't have the recording equipment and musicians available to write my own soundtrack, I will create it instead on Garageband. It is very simple to use and can generate both soundtracks and SFX. It has a wide variety of different tracks that can be slotted together to produce a unique sound. Although Garageband only allows the use of pre-recorded tracks, a high-quality, unique and emotive soundtrack can be easily produced.

Alongside the short film that will make up the bulk of my coursework, I shall also be producing several ancillary projects including posters, DVD covers and magazine articles. To do this I shall use Photoshop Elements 5.0. Photoshop will be used to edit and improve images that i will put onto the front covers. It is a perfect programme for amateur photographers, you can edit images from your digital camera or images straight from the internet or your computer. For further specifications visit..

I will use Microsoft office throughout the coursework to produce any presentations that will be required. I will also use it to create the forms that I will require my actors to sign agreeing that they will appear in my film, and also to write up my screenplay.

Once my film has been produced I will use iDVD to burn it on to a disc. This is a very simple program to use, although it can take a long time to code the information before the actual burning and so does require patience. Last year I was able to produce a customised root menu screen on the disc for a film that I produced outside of school, and found that it was easy to reproduce on many different machines (to speed up the production process).

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